How to set an intention…at work.

Donner une intention avant chaque pratique. Celle ci va colorer votre pratique, elle va l’influencer. Alors pourquoi ne pas faire de même pour chaque jour!

Yoga Dear

At the beginning of each yoga practice, it’s important to set an intention.  Your intention sets the tone for your practice.  Maybe you need to focus on expressing thankfulness or patience.  Maybe you need to bring more silliness or laughter into your day to day.  Or, maybe you need to feel strength and confidence.

In a weekend power yoga session, I got to thinking.  An intention really carries you through the practice, giving you meaning and purpose.  Why not bring it into your regular workday routine?

Think about it.  How often do we get stuck in an email prison, losing precious time pinging emails back at rapid pace?  How often do we feel stretched thin for time, unfocused, or unstimulated?  And, how often, do these feelings at the end of each day leave you feeling depleted of all energy stores and unaccomplished?

Yoga to the rescue!  Before you even think…

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